A quick guide to your dining options on or near to the CSUSM campus.  Want to suggest a great eatery in the area?  Leave a comment below.


  • Starbucks - 3rd floor of the library, to the left of the main entrance
  • The Dome - CSUSM food court, offering pizza, sushi, chinese food, sandwiches, and various other common dining options
  • Vending machines - delicious and only slightly stale chips await your dollar bills, y'all


  • Across the street from campus
    • Ralph's - grocery store and deli
    • Mr. Taco - the one and only, mostly serving tacos and such
    • Subway - sandwiches, like you didn't already know that
    • Mongolian Stir Fresh - you either love it or hate it - pile a bowl with vegetables and raw meat and watch it cooked before your very eyes.  Then eat the result with your eyes closed.
  • Elsewhere
    • Restaurant Row (San Marcos Boulevard) Link
      • Various, including Japanese, Thai, and seafood - personal favorites, Old California Coffee House and The King and I Thai food
    • Tom's #22 - good classic burger and fries meals
    • Boudins - soups and sandwiches
    • Curry and More - but mostly just curry